How It Began

IMG_7497Monroe’s Donuts and Bakery began in The Monroes’ home on Medgar Evers Blvd. in 1995.  In 2003 an intense hurricane made landfall, destroying their home.  Despite the loss and the pain, Monroe Jackson began to rethink his life plans.  Little did he know, those plans had already been put in place.   The rebuilding process began with the help of insurance funds, and a Small Business Loan.  The new and improved two story building completed, using the first floor as a bakery.  This would definitely not have existed if Monroe Jackson not had the resolve to do something good as a result of a bad experience.  Today 6310 Medgar Evers , Monroe’s Donuts and Bakery still stands as a reminder everyday to never give up on your dreams.   Click here to see other locations throughout the Jackson area.


6310  Medgar Evers Blvd. (Hwy.49 South) Jackson, MS  39213 Phone: 601-981-3208. Open 6:00a.m.-6:00pm. Drive Thru Service Availabe.


Monroe’s Donuts and Bakery

        Visit Us At Any of Our Four Locations:Our four Locations





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