Keeping The Vision Alive


Monroe’s Donuts and Bakery was founded in 1995 by Monroe Jackson as a home-based business. Monroe Jackson learned the baking craft in Chicago, Illinois at Hoeffken Bakery on the west side of the city when he was a teenager. Raymond Hoeffken owned the bakery, and he promoted Monroe, a hard, dedicated worker, from porter to baker even though all 12 white bakers unanimously opposed his promotion.

When Mr. Hoeffken died, Monroe vowed he would never bake again, but baking was his destiny. Monroe has over 20 years of baking experience. A new generation of bakers are learning the German baking secret Raymond Hoeffken taught Monroe Jackson in the late 1970s.

“Mr. Hoeffken always tasted the cakes, rolls, pies, and pastries before they left the store,” Monroe said. “Cake with too much salt was discarded,” he added.

If you love donuts and good, genuine customer service, please visit us whenever you are in the Jackson Mississippi area.


“Please Let Me Bake You Happy!”


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